Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 40

As you can see it has been a while since my last chat so here is whats been done so far,
I got over to the engineers to chat about the bill, they came to the party and reduced the clutch and engine mount to less than I was expecting so the bill is bearable and a big thanks to them.
My work mate finished the frount motor mount today so I will bolt it in on monday and then I will post some pictures.

After a chat with my work mates I am putting in a shelf across the engine bay to mount the controller and vacuum pump and tank (as for the vacuum tank its an old fire extinguisher ) it was also mentioned that I should rubber mount it to allow the gards to move other wise they may crack.

After a bit of thinking I am going to cut a hole in the back of the battery box slightly bigger than the battery so I can put the last set in the box the whole will also there to let the main power cable out also.
I am looking into flexable sheath for the main cable as I am required to have the main high voltage in orange sheath and the price is the same( almost I have to buy 50 meters of flex for the same price as the solid and corners I may end up with 20 meters left over)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 29

I have got the motor and gear box adaptor made (a sore point at the moment as I have 30mm more than I should have if you notice there is a bearing in the middle of the flywheel mount I asked them to bush the centure of the motor sharft as it was made to take the gearbox sharft tip 

and a bill way to large I am cooling down before I talk to them 
my suggestion if you are going to get work done make sure you give it to them as a drawing and get a price before they start)

and I got the engineer to trim the flywheel they took the ring gear ( the starter motor uses it to turn the old motor) and some of the back to lighten it ( thats why its shiny ) got it balanced 
and then on saturday I put them together with the clutch then put it in now to make the front mount and controller mount