Saturday, 24 August 2013

day 111

oh my I am going so slow
I am doing it on saturday mornings.

As you can see with a little help from mark (co-worker) the front mount has been made and I made a shelf for the controller and vacuum pump (if you notice the vacuum reserve is a fire extinguisher )

I put in the main battery cables to the deck I looked at the tool box for weeks to see if I could fit all the parts and batteries in it and gave up trying to fit it all in it was 200 mm to small so I am going to make a wooden tool box to put all in ( batteries,contactors,fuse and dc (150v)to dc (12v) converter.)
Tested the water pump and had a bad day ( put the power in the wroung way and cooked the circuit    board ) so I needed to get a new pump to cool the controller,
A fellow ev builder said that toyota prius cars have a 12v pump on them so I looked in to that and got a surprise to get a new pump for a $109 sweet,the hose fittings on it was 16mm and the controller hose I had put on was3/8( about 10mm) so I put a reduser in the line after the pump and tested it without the controller hooked up (just in case it put out to much pressure ) all whent well so I am going to use it,
Put the vaccum pump through its paces and it fell flat (it took 30 seconds to recover for just one pump on the foot brake) now to get a replacement , did some trading and got a better pump (it only takes 3 seconds to recover now )

I have spent a few days thinking and planing
And then I put in the relays to run the two pumps and the contactors (in the battery box ) and a fuse box for all the new wiring