Monday, 19 September 2016

and after the wood, tail lights and mud  guards where on I did some testing to see if the ute did anything different than before
to start with I went around town to compare the amps used and I was just under half the old setup was,as I was informed.
then a drove out of town over a few hills and back without any glitches.
I got a weight and was happy to see I had only gained a small amount(old set up 1400kg the new set up is 1560kg).
Once I was happy with the batteries etc I did the long trip I had set the ute up for 90 km round trip minimum and to my surprise I used about 75 amps to do 100 km/h compared to 170 amps in the old setup,and I did the whole trip in 66amp/hours out of 90 nice
Once that was done a speed test was needed so to the track and I was off with the amps set to 600 out of 1000 and 270amps out of the batteries I got to 150km/hour so if I turned every thing up to full I will be over 100miles/hour nice!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

and once all the batteries were connected I got a friend to weld up the deck and head board.


 and while doing that I needed to sort out the tipping mounts and rams with a few hiccups along the way but I got there in the end